Sustainable materials

When selecting our products, we pay attention to sustainable and recyclable materials in production.

Sustainable packaging

Our shipping materials are made from recyclable materials whenever possible.
In addition, we avoid packaging with plastic as much as possible.
Our products are packaged in a space-saving and efficient manner. This means that transport can be carried out as efficiently as possible and unnecessary packaging material can be dispensed with.

Sustainable content creation

As you know, the gooddesk philosophy is our inspiration for our home office design. Of course, we don't fly around the world every time for the beautiful photos and videos of our accessories in the most beautiful offices and in the middle of tropical nature. We work with creative photographers and videographers who live in the most beautiful places on earth and present our products perfectly. In this way we can avoid long-distance flights that are harmful to the environment and support local content creators. We implement campaigns with our dear partners either regionally or in our in-house photo studio.