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CORKDESK cork desk pad

CORKDESK cork desk pad

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CORKDESK cork desk pad

Are you looking for a sustainable, high-quality and stylish desk pad?

Then we can introduce you to our CORKDESK cork desk pad!


Our advantages at a glance:

- Anti-wave formula

The special thickness and quality of the material prevents the formation of waves. Our CORKDESK gives you immediate pleasure and no frustration.

- High quality artificial leather

When choosing the artificial leather, we chose the best material. This not only benefits the optics but also ensures that our CORKDESK does not lose its value over time.

- unique reverse side made of the best CORK

The back is made of high quality cork. The advantage here is that crumbs or dust won't leave any dents or scratches on your desk. These are embedded in the flexible cork, but can also be shaken out very easily.

Often there are nasty surprises underneath after taking down standard desk mats. Similar to cell phone cases. That doesn't happen with our CORKDESK.

- Consistent

CORKDESK is made from organic cork harvested by removing the bark from trees. Cork is a biodegradable material and is free of any harmful substances. Experience nature to touch.

- Easy Clean

Our CORKDESK is water-repellent and easy to clean. Dropped drinks are no problem.

- tested materials

The material of our CORKDESK has been tested for dermatological compatibility and is free of harmful substances.

- Additional

Keyboards that have been pushed around, ballpoint pens that have been dropped or cups that have been set down roughly will leave unsightly marks on the surface of our desks over time.

This is where our CORKDESK desk pad comes into play. The pad makes working much more comfortable. Your hands rest on a pleasantly soft surface and your desk is protected from signs of wear.

Product Information:


Anti-slip coated

Water repellent

High quality

Front made of the best synthetic leather

Back side made of sustainable and high-quality cork.


- Anti-curling

- Odorless

- easy cleaning

- environmentally friendly

- consistent

- Color fidelity

Product Information:

Material: cork and faux leather

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